Revised 11/3/20 CR


Pueblo Levee Mural-Call for Artists The Pueblo Conservancy District in cooperation with the Pueblo Arts Alliance would like to invite artists to paint on the newly completed Arkansas River levee.

Facts about the concrete levee wall: it is on a slope of 45 degrees, and the average height of the wall is 25-28 ft depending on your location and runs along the Arkansas River.


First read the Pueblo Conservancy Guidelines, Release of Liability, and artist Checklist.

When you are ready to apply go to the Levee Mural Design Application link (see below)

If you have any questions about applying feel free to contact the Levee Mural Review Committee at muralreview@googlegroups.com


Mural Application Process


1. Fill out and Submit application with design sample (see link below).

2. You will be contacted by the Levee Mural Review Committee that you have been approved and there will be a meeting to discuss timelines, questions, signing a Contract and Release of Liability.

3. If your application is denied you will be notified by the Levee Mural Review Committee and we will be glad to share feedback on your submission.

Click both links below for more information


Mural Guidelines and Application

Levee Mural Design Application
where you can apply and submit online.